The swimming classes in the water with your baby are unique and magical moments: you will see your little one smile and have fun, and you will enjoy a very special moment together. It is a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship!

The main objective in our BABY PENGUINS classes is to maximize your baby’s psychomotor development in the water. Multiple neurological studies conclude that movement and physical activity have a direct impact on babies’ cognitive development, and everything we can do to encourage movement since early age will be beneficial for their growth. In Penguins the swimming classes are dynamic; each exercise we do in the water has a clear objective which helps the baby’s development. Our method, inspired by a recognized swimming school in Sweden, aims at stimulating the development of children at all levels – psychomotor, sensory, intellectual and social, and train them to feel safe, agile, competent and happy in the water.

We are always singing in our classes BABY PENGUINS: this is because music and singing are fundamental elements in this children’s development stage: music helps the intellectual, auditory, sensory, speech and motor development of children. In addition, through the songs the babies relax and in Penguins we want to create a fun learning environment!

We treat the water with salt and ultraviolet medium pressure and keep it at 32 degrees so that babies can enjoy the activity in optimal conditions.

When can your baby start swimming lessons? The baby is ready to face the aquatic environment from the first day! At Penguins, we recommend starting when parents feel prepared, since it is important that the experience in the water be positive from the first day and that parents transmit safety to their children.


0 to 12 months

Accompanied by 1 or 2 adults. Dur: 40 minutes. 1 instructor for max. 6 babies.


12 to 24 months

Accompanied by 1 adult. Duration: 40 minutes. 1 instructor for max. 6 babies.


2 to 3 years

Accompanied by 1 adult. Duration: 40 minutes. 1 instructor for max. 4-6 babies.

Why is swimming so good for babies?

“Scientific studies confirm the benefits of aquatic activities for babies and young children in different areas, not only psychomotor. It is a completely safe activity if done in the right environment, with the right staff. It is an excellent activity to practice with parents”. Dr. VICENTE MOLINA, Head of the Department of Pediatrics, Hospital Universitario Quirón Dexeus.

Early childhood stimulation in the aquatic environment brings babies significant benefits, in different areas: intellectual, psychological, emotional, motor, socio-emotional and organic. Many scientific studies confirm that this activity is very important in the psychomotor development of children:

  1. Stimulates the psychomotor and cognitive development
  2. Strengthens the cardiorespiratory system
  3. Promotes the development of the musculoskeletal system
  4. Improves intestinal mobility
  5. Promotes relaxation and contributes to better sleep
  6. Strengthens the emotional bond between parents and babies
  7. Helps socialization since classes are conducted with other babies and families in water
  8. Encourages baby’s autonomy and self-esteem

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