At the very beginning of our project, we decided to provide the best swimming experience for babies, children and pregnant women. Not only in terms of methodology, teachers, training equipment, facilities, but also (and most importantly) in terms of water quality and hygiene. We want our water to be cleaner and healthier, in order to offer babies and parents the best possible experience.

Water temperature: 32°

Equipped with sound-absorbing materials

We stimulate senses and emotions with music

We decided to build a salt water pool: our disinfection system is directly using the salt from the water to eliminate bacteria. Thanks to this technology we have no need to add any chemical product in the water, like we normally do in normal pools, which is a huge advantage for the health of our customers. The salt level is low (10 times less than sea water) but it’s sufficient to provide the adequate level of disinfection. The absence of chemicals also has a great impact on the babies’ skins.

Optimal water filtration with green glass crystals (AFM®)

Healthy water treated with salt and UV

We also decided to implement a UV lamp (medium-pressure) to disinfect the water. Our UV lamp “medium pressure” kills all bacteria and all chloramines, which is why you will never smell any chlorine odor in our pool. We are filtrating our water with “AFM” material (micro glass particles), which offers a filtration quality twice higher than regular filters. Indeed, usually, pools are using filters with sand; our AFM particles are almost twice smaller than sand particles (4.5 micros vs. 8 microns), which allows us to retain twice more particles in the system. Finally, as we have an overflowing pool our water is fully filtered, treated and renewed every 2.5 hours.

Shallow water area for safe pool entry

Entrance platform for safe access to the water

Baby bathtubs and dressing next to the pool

Anti-slip floor treatment in the whole facility

All swimmers are asked to have a shower before swimming (children and adults), in order to avoid entering bacteria in the pool. We have 5 hot showers in our facility, as well as high-quality hypoallergenic soap from ISDIN.

This, added to the combination of those 3 technologies give us the healthiest possible water. Our water is clearer, cleaner and healthier. This is confirmed by the controls we are performing several times a day, and by the monthly analysis performed by a certified laboratory.

Spacious and warm changing rooms

Cafeteria with healthy organic snacks

Large glass windows: 360º view on the pool

Play area for babies and children

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