A space for groups of parents with their children, conducted by a psychologist specialized in early childhood stimulation. The objective is to enhance the relationship with the child and support his/her development, learning and education from an early age.


0 to 6 months old:

The objective is to give parents the tools to enhance the proper development and care of their baby during the first months.metodo 2

The activities are designed to help the baby reach his full potential of development through the exploration of the five senses, physical movement and emptions.

Sessions are made of a theoretical and a practical part, with the opportunity to consult the psychologist on the baby’s growth and development.


as of 6 months old:

This program focuses on children’s psychomotor development, to help them go through all the development stages (creeping, crawling, walking, running), and acquire a good knowledge of his own body.accion 1

Psychomotor development is critical at an early age, as a basis for development into adulthood: physical exercise and neurological development are directly connected. On top of enhancing motor skills, physical activity strengthens the muscles, activates the cardiovascular system, and enhances coordination.


as of 6 months old: 

We are initiating children to music, helping them to develop rhythm and coordination through games and activities with composers, and classical and modern music pieces.

violinMusic enhances memory, coordination, creativity and concentration. Working with musical notes and rhythms increases mathematical ability, facilitates the acquisition of new skills and languages, improves mood, and develops ability to express emotions.

In addition to that, musical activities help the acquisition of psychomotor skills and coordination, and strengthen the emotional link with the adult.


as of 6 months old:

Program for baby stimulation, where we are working various aspects of the intellectual and knowledge acquisition.

It is an opportunity for your child to learn through play, songs and fun activities. The sessions are based on the discovery of letters, quantities, colors, shapes, emotions, and many other things! They learn, and we all spend a great moment together.

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