Baby Penguins (0-3 years old)

Unique moments with your baby

The swimming classes in the water with your baby are unique and magical moments: you will see your little one smile and have fun, and you will enjoy a very special moment together. It is a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship!

Helps his/her psychomotor development in the water

Our method, inspired by a recognized swimming school in Sweden, aims at stimulating the development of children at all levels: psychomotor, sensory, intellectual and social, and train them to feel safe, agile, competent and happy in the water.

Numerous studies confirm that physical activity for babies in the aquatic environment has benefits for their neurodevelopment. Babies who practice this activity from the first months of life continuously present better motor development, early fine motor skills as well as a greater degree of self-confidence.

How are our classes for babies?

At Penguins we want to create a fun learning environment!

  • We are always singing in our classes. Music and singing are fundamental elements in this children’s development stage: they help the intellectual, auditory, sensory, speech and motor development of children;
  • Your baby will always be in the water with you during the class, or with a trusted adult of your choice;
  • Our PENGUINS swimming teacher will always be in the water with you;
  • We divide the babies into groups of the same age. Baby Penguins 1 (1-12 months old), Baby Penguins 2 (12-24 months old), White Penguins (2-3 years old);
  • The duration of each swimming class is 40 minutes;
  • The accompanying adult needs a towel, clean flip-flops, their swimsuit and a hat. The baby simply needs to bring a towel.
  • On the first day of class you will have to buy an anti-leak swimsuit for your baby at PENGUINS, so that we can guarantee that the water is always healthy. Therefore you do not have to bring swimming diapers for the baby.
  • Check our prices and schedules in SCHEDULES AND BOOKINGS

When can your baby start swimming lessons?

Your baby is ready to face the aquatic environment as of his/her first day! At Penguins, we recommend starting when parents feel prepared, since it is important that the experience in the water be positive from the first day and that parents transmit safety to their children.


We want to offer the best swimming experience for babies: not only in terms of methodology and teachers, but also in terms of water quality and hygiene. We want our water to be the cleanest and healthiest possible, with pools with water without synthetic chlorine, impeccable hygiene and an ideal temperature for the little ones.


Why is swimming so good for babies?

“Scientific studies confirm the benefits of aquatic activities for babies and young children in different areas, not only psychomotor. It is a completely safe activity if done in the right environment, with the right staff. It is an excellent activity to practice with parents”. Dr. VICENTE MOLINA, Head of the Department of Pediatrics, Hospital Universitario Quirón Dexeus.

Early childhood stimulation in the aquatic environment brings babies significant benefits, in different areas: intellectual, psychological, emotional, motor, socio-emotional and organic. Many scientific studies confirm that this activity is very important in the psychomotor development of children:

  1. Stimulates the psychomotor and cognitive development
  2. Strengthens the cardiorespiratory system
  3. Promotes the development of the musculoskeletal system
  4. Improves intestinal mobility
  5. Promotes relaxation and contributes to better sleep
  6. Strengthens the emotional bond between parents and babies
  7. Helps socialization since classes are conducted with other babies and families in water
  8. Encourages baby’s autonomy and self-esteem

More information on “News”.

Which pools are suitable for babies?

The type of installation to use with babies is more important than what parents may initially think.

  1. Water temperature should always be regulated between 31ºC and 34ºC, so that babies can feel comfortable in the water for the whole class. Babies have a thinner skin and a thicker subcutaneous capillary network, which is causing faster heat loss than adults.
  2.  Ambient temperature is also important, and should always be set 2°C above water temperature level, in order to prevent colds.
  3. It is recommended that the pool is covered and heated.
  4. The pool should be specifically designed for teaching, ideally 1.20 meters deep, so that parents and teachers can comfortably hold the baby and practice optimal exercises.
  5. Babies should be dried and changed next to the pool, in order to prevent colds.
  6. Facilities must have adequate ventilation to ensure optimal air quality. Pools with UV lamps (med. pressure) and a good dehumidifier system guarantee a healthy atmosphere.
  7. The pool should have an adequate system to prevent acoustic noise and echo, which is tiring and affecting the baby.
  8. To avoid skin and/or eye irritation, it is recommended to avoid pools using synthetic chlorine. Salt Water Chlorination is a good alternative as it disinfects the water thanks to salt (used in very small amounts).

Our pool at Penguins meets all the above requirements: it has been specifically designed for babies and children.

As of which age will my child know how to swim?

This will depend on each child, and on his/her previous experience in the water. According to several studies, the locomotor system is sufficiently developed to enable swimming as of 4 years old. However, many children who practice water activities from an early age will start moving autonomously as of 3 years old, or even sometimes as of 2 years old.

When is it not appropriate to go to the pool?

When a baby or a child is sick and/or has fever, he should not go to the pool. Children suffering from ear infection or viral skin infections, should not go to the pool either.

Is it recommended to for a child to practice activities in water if he suffers from: 1/ Otitis, 2/ Asthma, or 3/ Atopic dermatitis?

Otitis is an infection which affects the different structures of the ear, causing inflammation. For children more prone to such infections, it is recommended to use made-to- measure ear plugs, to prevent water from entering the ear canal. Children should also be dried gently after the bath with a towel, or a dryer at minimal speed.

Asthma: Asthma is a chronic disease affecting the respiratory system. Many pediatricians recommend the practice of physical activities in the water for asthmatic children since it does not cause excessive pressure on the chest, it is practiced in a humid environment, and increases breathing capacity.

Atopic dermatitis: is an inflammation of the skin which is also known as eczema: the skin of children who suffer from eczema presents a constant state of dryness. Swimming is adequate as long as the child’s skin is hydrated after each bath.

If my child has a disability, can he/she swim?

Yes of course. For most children, swimming and psychomotor activities in water general has a very positive impact on their development. At Penguins, we believe that all children should have the opportunity to learn to swim, and enjoy all the benefits of this activity.

As of when is the baby ready to discover the aquatic environment?

The baby is ready to discover the aquatic environment as of day one. The earlier the better, in order to make them familiar with water and prevent the unwanted “fear of water” to appear.

At Penguins we recommend starting pool activities when parents feel ready: it is important that the water experience is positive as of the very beginning, and that parents convey a feeling of safety and serenity to their baby.

Do you want to register?

When registering on the web:

  • The groups that appear in blue are the groups with space availability;
  • The groups that appear in orange are complete and we will contact you when a place becomes available.




A base de 364 reseñas
Las clases son divertidas y ágiles, cambian según el día. Las matronas son muy majas y te explican cómo cada ejercicio ayuda al trabajo de parto y responden preguntas que como madre primeriza tienes a montones. Las instalaciones están muy bien. Muy recomendable!
james cockburn
james cockburn
This school is just above and beyond any parent’s expectations! My kid learned to swim just in two months taking private lessons here (after wasting one year in another pool) and now is in orange group to work on technique. Superb! Brilliant trainers!
yuliana leal
yuliana leal
Para mi, la mejor escuela de natación para peques!!! Mi hijo es muy feliz yendo a Clases, los profesores son maravillosos y el lugar está siempre impecable! Recomendado 100%
Iván Solís
Iván Solís
Nos ha encantado formar parte de la familia de Penguins y haber conocido a Male 🙂gracias a ella nuestra hija ha adquirido muchas destrezas en la piscina, ha mostrado tener confianza en si misma y tener una buena actitud en el agua, le encanta!! Muchisimas gracias Maddalena , esperamos que nuestros caminos se crucen de nuevo!
natalia grau escudero
natalia grau escudero
Durante estos dos años que hemos llevado a nuestra hija a Penguins hemos estado encantados. Desde el principio mi hija hizo vínculo con su profe Joel, y gracias a él ahora es una apasionada de la piscina. Esperamos que algún día puedan volver a encontrarse en la piscina. Muchas gracias por todo!!
Portem a la nostra filla des dels 4 mesos a Penguins. Fa poc ha fet 4 anys i seguim igual de contents que al principi. Uns professors que fan gaudir als nens de l'aigua alhora que aprenen a nedar. I un personal genial que fa que et sentis com a casa. Potser tenim escoles de natació que ens queden més a prop de casa, però cap com aquesta. Si voleu que els nens aprenguin en un bon entorn, amb una aigua sense clor i apte per a les pells més sensibles (ho diem per experiència), aquest és el lloc.
Belchin Kostov
Belchin Kostov
Highly recommended activity for child from all ages. Good professors. Nice swimming pool. If you have a baby, start as soon as possible and enjoy it in family.
Vero Arg
Vero Arg
Casi 5 años en Penguins y podemos decir que forman parte de nuestra familia. No hay mejor sitio donde llevar a los peques no solo a aprender a nadar, sino a disfrutar del agua. Niños felices y padres tranquilos.

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