SWIMMING CLASSES FOR CHILDREN (starting 3 years old)

At Penguins we want to convey our passion for water and swimming to your children!

At Penguins we believe that every swimming class should be a meaningful, effective, memorable and fun experience for every child. Your children will become expert swimmers and have a fantastic time! Our methodology promotes the intrinsic motivation of all students by creating a nice, safe and professional environment which enables great results in each swimming class.

Connect with children to motivate them to the fullest

In Penguins we seek to connect with children to motivate them to the fullest: we believe it is essential to know how to communicate and connect with children at all stages. We want children to feel very comfortable, respected and motivated in our classes: we are convinced that in this way they will learn better, and faster. That is why all our monitors are trained by a child psychologist in positive discipline.

Small groups; instructor always in the water

In PENGUINS we believe that it is essential that the teacher works inside the water, and in small groups. This allows us to create an atmosphere of proximity with the children and a feeling of belonging in the group. It also helps us to communicate without shouting, and to immediately bring any correction when needed. That is why we work only in environments where children feel good, with pleasant and adequate water temperatures, so that both the child and his/her teacher can take full advantage of the whole class.

Technical progress

Our Penguins methodology allows children to improve quickly and develop their swimming skills as of day one. Our classes are scheduled on a weekly basis, adapted to the level of each student: we are constantly analyzing their individual progress. Unlike most swimming schools where children wait for a long time for their turn, sitting on the edge of the pool, in Penguins the children are active in the water throughout the session, i.e. during 40 minutes. In addition, our team is composed of great people from diverse nationalities, highly qualified and happy: they really want to share their passion for water!

The Penguins groups

At Penguins we divide children into groups of the same age and level:

More information about our classes:

  • In which facilities are we organizing classes for children? In Penguins Bonanova (0-8 years old), and Penguins Betània (7-15 years old).
  • You can sign up at this link at any time at any of our facilities.
  • When booking a class on our web:
    • The groups in blue are the groups with current availability
    • The groups in orange are currently full; we will contact you when a place is available. (We encourage you to sign up for any of the groups available in blue as you will enjoy the classes a lot and because we give priority to already enrolled students on the waiting lists)
  • Payments: the first payment is made by card and from the second month with direct debit SEPA. You will see that the first month the system calculates the proportional part of the remainder of the month. From the second month on, all fees are always the same regardless of the number of classes taken.
  • You will find HERE all the reviews from our families and customers. 
  • For more information and answers to frequently asked questions, see here

What do you have to bring to your class?

  • Swimsuit (also for sale in Penguins)
  • Towel
  • Clean flip-flops
  • Swimming cap (also for sale in Penguins)
  • Swimming goggles (also for sale in Penguins)


At Penguins we offer weekly intensive courses for children from 3 years old during the Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays.

What does it consist of?

  • 4 consecutive 40-minute classes in the same week;
  • Small groups (maximum 4 children per teacher);
  • Groups divided by levels and with the same teacher all week;
  • Highly recommended courses since the combination of the PENGUINS method together with the daily / continued practice in the water allows the students to progress in an impressive way;
  • Schedule: in the morning at 10:20; in the afternoon at 4.10pm. 4.50pm, 5.30pm or 6.10pm;
  • Where are those courses taking place? In Penguins Bonanova.
  • You can sign up HERE.

Intensive Courses in Penguins Bonanova:

Important information:

  • Only one accompanying adult per child may enter the center.
  • Each student will have to bring a backpack with a swimsuit, a towel, clean flip-flops, a swimming cap, and we also recommend bringing swimming goggles. At PENGUINS we sell glasses and hats if necessary.
  • All parents/tutors of students must have signed the documents for responsibility and protection of the child’s image.
  • We remind you of the entry and exit times for all students:
    • 10:20 am. Class: Entrance at 10:05 am. and exit at 11:15 am.
    • 4:40 pm. Class: Entrance at 4:25 pm. and exit at 5:35 pm.
    • 5:20 pm. Class: Entry at 5:05 pm. and departure at 6.15 pm.
    • 6pm class: Entry at 5.45pm and exit at 5.55pm.
  • In case of cancellation, the amount cannot be returned for any reason… Thank you very much for your understanding!

Pictures of our classes:

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