The AIPAP® method is a program of childbirth preparation classes for pregnant women, delivered by midwives, inside swimming pools. Its main objective is to prepare the future mother for an optimal vaginal delivery (i.e. without instrumentation or caesarean sections).

In the water we work on the mobility of the pelvic joints and postures which facilitate childbirth. In addition, our midwives will accompany you throughout your pregnancy, answering all your questions! Penguins is the only official AIPAP® center in Barcelona and Sant Cugat.

Advantages of the AIPAP® method

During each AIPAP® classe, you will train and prepare all the muscles, ligaments and tendons which will be solicited during your baby’s delivery. Water is the most suitable place to exercise during pregnancy: the flotation and lower gravity (water supports 50% of our body weight) helps to improve mobility and flexibility.
What are the benefits?

  • The realization of the AIPAP® method increases the probability of a normal, natural delivery;
  • Reduces the risk of health problems during pregnancy, such as diabetes;
  • Prevents the typical discomforts of pregnancy, especially sciatica and back pain;
  • Increases the release of endorphins, beneficial for you and for your baby.
  • Helps your baby’s brain development.

Images from our classes:

How do our AIPAP® classes for pregnant women work?

  • The classes are designed and supervised by midwives;
  • The AIPAP® Method sessions are only carried out in the company of other future mothers;
  • They are weekly classes of 40 minutes;
  • You can sign up from the beginning of the pregnancy and the classes can be done until the day of your baby’s delivery;
  • In all our facilities we maintain the water and atmosphere at the same temperature for your maximum comfort;
  • You can sign up at any time at any of our facilities in Barcelona or Sant Cugat
  • You should bring a towel, clean flip flops, your swimsuit and a hat to the classes.




Piscina para bebes niños y embarazadas en barcelona Bonanova

✓ Childbirth Preparation
✓ Babies 0 – 3 y.
✓ Children 3 – 8 y.


Piscina para bebes niños y embarazadas en barcelona Diagonal

✓ Childbirth Preparation
✓ Babies 0 – 3 y.


Piscina para niños en barcelona

✓ Childbirth Preparation
✓ Babies 0 – 3 y.
✓ Children 3 – 8 y.


Do you want to feel healthy and fit throughout your pregnancy, and benefit from all the advantages of sport during this stage?

Prepare yourself with the AIPAP TERRA ®️ METHOD: the safe, unique and effective exercise program that incorporates the knowledge of gynecologists and midwives together with the experience of sport professionals. In addition, our team of experts will give you answers to all the most frequently asked questions and live advice throughout your pregnancy.

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