Accompanying future mothers through their pregnancy, and be part of their child’s development, is a wonderful thing which also comes with great responsibility. This is why we have integrated the recognized AIPAP® childbirth preparation method; we are also basing our classes for babies and children on the innovative methods from Linnéas Simskola and Imagine Swimming, leading schools in Sweden and in New York.

Professionals from those two centers specialized in early childhood education have trained all the teachers from the Penguins team!

We know that the discovery and adaptation phase is an important moment: we have designed a shallow water area to help children become familiar with the aquatic environment, little by little, at their own pace.

Your presence is positive for your little ones while they are learning new skills: we invite you to participate and enjoy their accomplishments together with them, or from our cafeteria with large windows on the pool.

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At Penguins we believe that each class has to be a meaningful, effective and fun experience. Our method aims at stimulating children’s development at all levels (psychomotor, sensory, intellectual, social), to make them feel safe, agile and happy in the water.

We believe that a good teacher is able to identify the unique needs and abilities of each of their students: our classes are tailored to the needs of each child, and not the opposite. Children are playing the central role, and are a constant source of inspiration.

Our classes are using children’s creativity and imagination:

  • We use metaphors to learn technical skills in an attractive way, and generate positive emotional responses.
  • We introduce music in our classes: it improves the neurological processes involved in the acquisition of physical skills like swimming.
  • We motivate children using stories to which they can identify themselves,and which carry positive values (missions, collaborative games, treasure hunts …)
  • We use creative and educational material to make the most of every single moment in water.
  • The Penguins team is made of people from diverse nationalities and horizons, either bilingual or able to speak a very good English.

We want to convey our passion for water to your children. They will become expert swimmers, and will have memorable and fun moments!


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The AIPAP® method is a program of childbirth preparation classes: its objective is to improve the pregnant woman’s overall physical condition, and the mobility of pelvic articulations. During each class you will train and prepare all the muscles, ligaments and tendons which will be solicited during delivery.

The program is composed of 50 minutes’ sessions made of various and dynamic exercises (total of 120 exercises). Water is the most suitable place to exercise during pregnancy: the flotation and lower gravity (water supports 50% of our body weight) helps to improve mobility and flexibility.

What are the benefits?

  • AIPAP method increases the probability of a normal, natural delivery.
  • Reduces the risk of health problems during pregnancy, such as diabetes.
  • Prevents the discomforts of pregnancy, especially sciatica and back pain.
  • Increases the release of endorphins, beneficial for you and for your baby.
  • Helps your baby’s brain development.

The AIPAP® method has been validated by the Spanish Midwives Association, and by the Official Nursing College in Barcelona.

Prepare your body for your future childbirth, enjoy physical exercise and relaxation, have fun and connect with your baby with the AIPAP® Method.


The work “Effects of applying AIPAP method at the end of delivery” by Felix Jimenez, creator of the AIPAP® Method, won the award for best oral presentation at the Second Congress of the Association of Midwives in Murcia (2012).

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“ABC estimulación”
Baby&Child early stimulation with Carmen Romero

A child who knows and controls his own body, and who knows well his environment, is more capable of solving problems, of socializing, is more confident and happier. With ABC stimulation for babies we propose the following:

– Strengthen the emotional link with parents and teachers

– Give the opportunity to learn new routines which promote development

– Provide tools for parents to meet the child’s needs: physiological, emotional and neurological.

– Enhance baby’s physical, emotional and intellectual development

– Help parents in the education of their baby.

During the very first years, our brain grows and connects at an amazing speed to reach its very complex organization. Babies will develop in an optimal way thanks to a stimulating environmental, physical exercise, healthy alimentation and hygiene, and emotional stability. This is how our beloved ones will develop and reach their full potential.

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