Did you know that a penguin can swim at 30 kph in the water? Isn’t that incredible? But the hero of this story is not the penguin… this is the Water.

We discovered water in Switzerland at the end of long workdays in a multinational, and later with Ana’s pregnancy with our son Philippe. Freedom, serenity and well-being was what we felt every time we went swimming, or joined childbirth preparation sessions in the water.

Philippe was born and we decided to keep this link with the water. We started to attend workshops and lectures on education, and read numerous books on this topic. What we discovered is the importance of movement during the first 6 years of life, for a proper physical, intellectual and emotional development.

At the same time we realized how the water filled our children with joy, allowed them to move with total freedom, and stimulated their imagination.

We loved it so much that we started traveling to different countries, Sweden, Denmark, USA … to discover the best schools in the world, and create our Penguins school. A place where your child will grow up happy and will become as agile as penguins in the water; a place where future moms will enjoy a great activity, beneficial to themselves and to their baby’s development.

See you in the water!

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