At the very beginning of our project, we decided to provide the best swimming experience for babies, children and pregnant women. Not only in terms of methodology, teachers, training equipment, facilities, but also (and most importantly) in terms of water quality and hygiene. We want our water to be cleaner and healthier, in order to offer babies and parents the best possible experience.

As engineers with a specific experience in Chemicals and environment, we have a high exigence in terms of quality: we did a lot of research to select the best and most reliable technology. Indeed, we want this environment to be beneficial not harmful. A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, a medical Journal published on behalf of the John Hopkins School of Public Health found that swimming pool chemicals can be harmful when they are inhaled, ingested or absorbed through the skin while swimming. Researchers found that disinfection by-products are linked to an increased risk of cancer (see the full article here). Another study from Belgium confirms that the classical pool using chemical chlorine as a disinfectant can contribute to asthma, fever and allergies (see the article here). This is why we searched for the best available technologies, providing optimal performance for best-in-class hygiene, but with no risk on health.

  1. We first decided to build a salt water pool: our disinfection system is directly using the salt from the water to eliminate bacteria. Thanks to this technology we have no need to add any chemical product in the water, like we normally do in normal pools, which is a huge advantage for the health of our customers. The salt level is low (10 times less than sea water) but it’s sufficient to provide the adequate level of disinfection. The absence of chemicals also has a great impact on the babies’ skins.
  2. We also decided to implement a UV lamp (medium-pressure) to disinfect the water. Indeed, the chlorine alone is not sufficient to clean the water from all bacteria, especially the “chloramines”. If they are not eliminated, the chloramines are evaporating in the pool area and causing serious health risks like asthma: a study from the San Diego university confirms that inhaling chlorine is dangerous, and that UV lamp system is a great solution for the swimmer’s health. See full article here. Our UV lamp “medium pressure” kills all bacteria and all chloramines, which is why you will never smell any chlorine odor in our pool.
  3. Finally, we are filtrating our water with “AFM” material (micro glass particles), which offers a filtration quality twice higher than regular filters. Indeed, usually, pools are using filters with sand; our AFM particles are almost twice smaller than sand particles (4.5 micros vs. 8 microns), which allows us to retain twice more particles in the system. As we have an overflowing pool our water is fully filtered, treated and renewed every 2.5 hours.

The combination of those 3 technologies give us the healthiest possible water. Our water is clearer, cleaner and healthier. This is confirmed by the controls we are performing several times a day, and by the monthly analysis performed by a certified laboratory.

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