Unfortunately one of the main causes of child’s death is drowning. Children are naturally curious and, although they do not know how to swim, they are attracted by the water. This is great but it generates a high risk of falling in the water. A child can drown in 20 seconds, and in 30 cm of water! We have to be extremely cautious. Here are some tips which may help us, adults, anticipate dangerous situations and protect our littles ones:

  • Always designate 1 adult responsible for supervising children (even when there is a lifeguard), especially when there are many children (summer pool with friends, cousins ​​etc). We recommend giving a symbolic object to the adult in charge of supervision. For example use a bracelet: the adult with the bracelet is exclusively responsible for constantly monitoring all children.
  • The sooner children start swimming lessons, the sooner and easier it will be for them to learn to swim, and therefore be autonomous in the water.
  • If you have a small inflatable pool for the baby, you should never leave the baby or the child unattended. Little ones can drown in 30 centimeters of water!
  • Removes toys from the pool when not in use, as it can attract the attention of children.
  • Flotation elements give a false feeling of safety. Some adults relax when children carry floaters but all children have to be supervised by an adult constantly. When a child is drowning it can occur in silence, that is why we can not lose sight of any child when they are in the water.
  • Never allow a child to be responsible for his younger siblings or for other smaller children.
  • Teach children children to respect water: they must ask for permission before getting into the water and/or wait for an adult to enter the water.
  • It is forbidden for children to play “apnea games” between them.
  • Respect the rule: “2 hands, 2 children”. Limit the ratio of children per adult, except in the case that they are professionals of the sector, we suggest maximum two children with one adult in the water.
  • If you have a private swimming pool, we recommend putting a barrier high enough so that the child can not climb it and with closed access.
  • Always use safety jacket on a boat.
  • If a child disappears from adult sight, the first place to look is in the water.
  • Remember that the emergency number in Spain is 112.

Enjoy family summer with maximum security!

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